Avalon DiBernard

Photography LASATA.
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The Lasata series is meant to go behind the mask of a public figure reminiscent of a Jackie Kennedy. Lasata, meaning, “Place of Peace” and referring to the Kennedy’s Hamptons home, is supposed to represent the class and sophistication of a respectable person in society. In this fashion series I wanted to make it seem as though this public figure had let me into their home to photograph every aspect of their life while also showcasing their outfits and designer choice.

Most of my work references pop culture and iconic celebrities or moments throughout history. I chose to focus on referencing a Jackie Kennedy type character because of how iconic she was whether it be for her fashion or personality or her story, she was somebody who many people idolized. Obviously, for this series I was focusing more on the fashion of Jackie Kennedy but I also chose to pose my model in ways to show that this woman has an inner sadness that wouldn’t show in the public light all for the sake of keeping up the “perfect” image. Her clothing contradicts with how she is posed and how she expresses her emotions through facial expressions. I wanted to show someone who is known for her sophistication and being perfect in the public eye to be able to show the imperfections behind closed doors.

These photos are meant to have a documentary feel to them, I wanted the space around her to feel lived in, to make the photos more personal and intimate while still focusing on the beautiful fashion. My goal for this series was to showcase high end fashion while also giving my model a narrative. I chose to combine fashion with storytelling so that my photos can connect to a wide range of viewers who aren’t into fashion as much but enjoy looking at the photos that can tell a narrative. 

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